Unwind after work on our oceanfront terrace with Carbon Beach Club's lobby menu daily from 3:30-5:30pm
Unwind after work on our oceanfront terrace with Carbon Beach Club's lobby menu daily from 3:30-5:30pm
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Wine List

Sip some wine on Billionaire's Beach

Bubbles by the Glass             Glass / Bottle
La Marca, Italy, Prosecco, N.V.  12 / 45
Laetitia, Napa Valley, Brut, N.V.  16 / 51
Schramsberg, Calistoga, California, Blanc de Noir 2008  24 / 88
Schramsberg, Calistoga, California, Brut Rose 2010  22 / 76

Rose by the Glass       
Casa Barranca Organic Rose, Ojai, California 2012  11 / 46    
Hogwash Rose, Napa Valley, California, 2012  12 / 48
Etude Rose, Carneros Pinot Noir Estate Grown Napa, California, 2011  14 / 52   

White by the Glass      
Qupe, Bien Nacido Cuvee, California, Viognier/Chardonnay 2012  12 / 40 
Cielo, Malibu, California, Honey Pie, Chardonnay 2009  12 / 48 
Flowers, Sonoma Coast, California, Chardonnay 2011  18 / 68 
Schweiger, Napa Valley, California, Chardonnay 2009  19 / 69 
Far Niente, Napa Valley, California, Chardonnay 2012  23 / 89 
Emmolo, Napa Valley, California, Sauvignon Blanc 2011  11 / 38 
Woodstock, Cielo, Malibu, California, Sauvignon Blanc 2010  14 / 48 
Illumination by Quintessa, Rutherford, Napa Valley
California, Sauvignon Blanc 2012  14 / 58
Darcie Kent, Monterey, California, Gruner Veltliner 2011  13 / 42 
Brassfield, High Valley Appellation, California, Pinot Grigio 2012  12 / 40
Di Bruno, Santa Barbara, California, Pinot Grigio 2012  14 / 50 
Hogue Genesis, Columbia Valley, Washington, Riesling 2010  14 / 48 

Red by the Glass       
Halter Ranch, Paso Robles, California, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010  14 / 48 
Justin, Paso Robles, California, Cabernet Sauvignon 2012  16 / 54  
DAOU, Paso Robles, California, Cabernet Sauvignon 2011  15 / 52
Flowers, Red Perenial Blend, Napa Valley, Californina 2010  16 / 60 
BlackBird, Napa Valley, California, Woodstock, Malbec 2009  26 / 75 
Deep Sea, Central Coast, California, Syrah 2009  12 / 38
Fleur, Carneros, California, Pinot Noir 2011  14 / 38 
Laetitia, Estate Cuvée, Napa Valley, California, Pinot Noir 2012  18 / 58 
Etude, Carneros Estate, Napa Valley, California, Pinot Noir 2010  22 / 81 
Rosenthal, Malibu, California, Merlot 2009  15 / 50
Earthquake, Lodi Appellation, Graton, California, Zinfandel 2010  12 / 40

Half / 375 ml Bottles
Champagne & Sparkling
Schramsberg, Calistoga, California, Blanc de Blanc, N.V.  35
Nicholas Feuillatte, Blue Label, France, Brut,  N.V  45                                          
Qupe, Santa Maria Valley, California, Chardonnay 2012  24
Silverado, Napa Valley, Califronia, Sauvignon Blanc 2011  25
Qupe, Central Coast, California, Syrah 2011  27
Martin Ray Winery, Sonoma Coast, California, Pinot Noir 2012  29
Justin, Paso Robles, California, Cabernet Sauvignon 2011  30
Etude, Carneros, Napa Valley, California, Pinot Noir 2011  42
Moraga Estate, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, Cabernet Sauvignon 2009  90
Quintessa, Carmenere, Rutherford, Napa Valley, California 2008  138
(Cabernet, Merlot, Cab Franc)
Opus One, Napa Valley, California, Cabernet Sauvignon 2008  175
(Cabernet Sauvignon 86%, Petit Verdot 8%, Merlot 4%, Cabernet Franc 1%, Malbec 1%)
Bubbles Champagne & Sparkling                 750 ml
La Marca, Italy, Prosecco, N.V.  45
Laetitia, Napa Valley, Brut, N.V.  51
Perrier Jouet, Epernay, Champagne, France Brut, N.V                                                                                               
J, Russian River Valley, California, Brut Rosé  65
Schramsberg, Calistoga, California, Brut Rosé 2010  76
Schramsberg, Calistoga, California, Blanc de Noir 2008  88
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, Reims, France, Brut N.V.  101
L’ermitage Roederer Estate, Anderson Valley, California Brut N.V.  125
Bollinger, Special Cuvee, Champagne, France N.V.  225
Louis Roederer, Reims, France, Brut Rosé 2007  229
Dom Perignon, Hautvilles, France, Champagne 2003  340
Louis Roederer Cristal, Reims, France, Brut 2004  499

Rose 750 ml
Etude Rose, Carneros Pinot Noir Estate Grown Napa, California 2011  52
Hogwash, Napa Valley, California 2012  48
Casa Barranca Organic Rose, Ojai, California, 2012  46

Chardonnay   750 ml
Qupe, Santa Maria Valley, California 2012  38
the aromas run the range of citrus, pear, honeysuckle and minerals, all enveloped by a nice dollop of oak
Rosenthal, Malibu, California 2009  45
a complex chardonnay with fragrant aromas of lemon and apple offset by notes of mineral
Cielo, Honey Pie, Malibu, California 2009  48
wild white roses and fresh cotton, warm honey suckle with a light cream finish
Flowers, Sonoma Coast, California 2011  68
white peach and lime citrus aromas, stone minerals and luscious melon equally contend
Organic Casa Barranca, Ojai, California 2010  59
this wine has bright acids and great length with exotic pear and lemon overtones
Schweiger, Napa Valley, California 2009  69
full bodied chardonnay with true varietal characteristics, hints of pear, kiwi and apricots
Far Niente, Napa Valley, California 2012  89
fresh citrus fruits and kumquat, combined with fig, hints of hazelnut, and toasty oak
Palmaz, Amalia, Napa Valley, California 2010  85
crisp, full-bodied, can be enjoyed with a wide variety of our menu

Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml
Groth, Napa Valley, California 2012  38
This wine is loaded with lush, melon and citrus character and has a rich complexity of aromas and flavors.
Silverado, Miller Ranch, California 2012  40
the 2010 Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc has tremendous vibrancy and exotic aromatics. Its intense aromas of lime, grapefruit and orange are spiked with ginger. On the palate, juicy flavors with bright fresh picked tangerine flavors.
Woodstock Collection, Cielo, Malibu, California 2010  48
fresh squeezed lemon juice, clear body of cucumber with a crackling finish of green apple and iced tea
Gary Farrell, Russian River Valley, California 2011  48
aromas of lychee, pineapple, candied banana, melon and gooseberry. The lively, refreshing acidity and expressive fresh fruit in this wine will complement a variety of dishes
Illumination by Quintessa, Rutherford, Napa Valley, California 2012  58
complex citrus flower, herb & stone fruit aromas leap from the glass, pamelo flavors, Meyer lemon
Ladera, Napa Valley, California 2012  62
unique, crisp and refreshing, this gem evokes hints of pear and lemongrass with notes of jasmine
Moraga Estate, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California 2009  95
flavors shift from grapefruit zest to peach, nectarine and tropical fruit

Grüner Veltliner & Riesling 750 ml
Darcie Kent, Gruner Veltliner, Monterey, California 2011  42
a nice nose of lime and white fruits is followed by a palate of crisp, clean citrus
Hogue Genesis, Riesling, Columbia Valley, Washington State 2010  48
flavorful, this wine has a balanced minerality and cues of citrus

Pinot Grigio 750 ml
Brassfield, High Valley Appellation, California 2012  40
vibrant tropical aromas of mango and passion fruit, subtle hints of ginger, perfect summer white
the wonderful acidity and full-bodied texture carry through a delicious lemony finish with hints of apricot
Di Bruno, Santa Barbara, California 2012  50
light and fruity, this vintage is perfect for the afternoon

Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml 
Semler, Malibu, California 2007  42
concentrated flavors of cherry, cassis, plum and smoky oak, smooth as velvet
Halter Ranch, Paso Robles, California 2011  48
sophisticated nose of black cherry with distinctive scents of dark chocolate, cedar, black olive
DAUO, Paso Robles, California 2012  52
soft ripe blackberries and cooked black current dominate the initial aroma both on the mouth & nose
Amulet, Napa Valley, California 2008  52
just the right amount of sweetness on the finish with flavors of blueberry, fig
Justin, Paso Robles, California 2011  54
fragrant bouquet of bing cherry, red licorice and vanilla on the nose, cherry with plum, spice, oak
Silverado, Napa Valley, California 2008  65
notes of chocolate, cassis, espresso roast, some underbrush
Martin Ray, Stags Leap District, Napa Valley, California 2011  68
fresh oak notes, soft anise, hints of vanilla, some exotic spice, a touch of classic herbal flavors
Groth, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, California 2010  72
this wine is big and lush with huge gobs of fruit in the aroma flavor, yet a texture that is soft
Signorello, Napa Valley, California 2007  118
flavor of red berry, cedar, leather, hints of tobacco
Jordan, Sonoma County, California 2009  125
aromas of cassis, cherry, cedar, red rose petal, tobacco

Merlot 750 ml
Rosenthal, Malibu, California 2009  50
a wine with good depth of flavor, tasting of black currant, green bean, toast, black pepper and oak
Emmolo, Merlot, California 2008  54
“remarkable ripe blueberries & boysenberries on the front of the palate with hints of sweet mocha

Zinfandel 750 ml
Earthquake, Lodi Appellation, Graton, California, Zinfandel 2010  40
Peppery and spicy with plenty of berry fruit (cherry and raspberry)

Pinot Noir 750 ml
Fleur, Carneros, California 2011  38
the brilliant ruby color sets the stage for aromas of ripe cherry and cranberry, with hints of white pepper
Martin Ray, Sonoma Coast, California 2012  47
aroma raspberry and strawberry, delicately matched with subtle nuance of vanilla oak a & full fruit finish
Laetitia  , Estate Cuvée, Napa Valley, California 2012  58
rich and creamy with layers of cherry, cranberry, spicy oak flavors
Organic Casa Barranca, Ojai, California 2009  69
the forward bright raspberry and cherry fruit meld into a lengthy, multi-layered finish
Etude, Carneros Estate, Napa Valley, California 2010  81
lifted flavors of black cherry, black plum, perfume combined with notes of earthy richness & spice
Bien Nacido, Santa Maria Valley, California 2009  86
rich in raspberry and cherry pie with dusty indian spices, provencal herbs & a lovely coat of smoky oak
Flowers, Sonoma Coast, California 2011  93
bright ruby color with violet hues on the rim, flavors of dried black cherries, savory herbs
Lucas & Lewellen, Santa Barbara County, California 2008  58
hints of tea, spice and leather accompany blackberry and raspberry flavors

Syrah 750 ml
Deep Sea, Central Coast, California 2009  38
blends are also quite complex, and have multiple layers of flavors, aromatics
Organic Bungalow Red, Ojai, California 2010  49
the berries and spice combine into a delicious melange of flavors with hints of plum, black pepper
Bouchaine, Bacchus Collection, Carneros, California 2009  51
making fresh crisp and delicious Carneros syrah that exhibits both perfume, power
aromas of dark plum and blackberry mingle with hints of white and black pepper, smoked meat
Trancas Vineyards, Malibu, California 2006  62
hints of blackberry, rich in delicate tannins and profound in color
Nickel And Nickel, Napa Valley, California 2008  88
floral aromas of rose petals and jam,  sweet blackberry and plum, chocolate, spice

Malbec & Meritage 750 ml
BlackBird, Malbec, Napa Valley, California, Woodstock Collection 2009  75
heady smell of violets, layers of piney tanins, smooth blackberry finish
Girard Artistry, Meritage, Napa Valley, California 2010  68
nuances of leather, toasted hazelnut and winter spices; aromas of black cherry, ripe plum, cassis
Moulin Rouge, Napa Valley, California 2009  65
cherry red with aroma of cool oceanic air, old oak barrels, seep into the short clean body of raspberries
Big Pour, Napa Red, 2009  90
Very vibrant ripe raspberry aromas. The lighter fruit tones are balanced with deeper, undertones of sweet almonds, vanilla, lavender, and a touch of dark mocha.

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