At the height of summer, sun-kissed beach days are essential for any stay in Malibu. But protecting your hair and skin from the elements is imperative too – and something you can do while you relax just steps from Carbon Beach.

An easy 10-minute walk from Malibu Beach Inn, CURE attracts both the casual beachgoer and those with medical conditions seeking to achieve healthy and fulfilled lifestyles. If the modern, minimalist design and sweeping ocean vistas don’t give you the impression you are walking into a medical office or a salon, that’s precisely the point. CURE falls somewhere in between, blending classic medicine with holistic expertise as a one-of-a-kind spa sanctuary in Malibu.

The deck at CURE Spa, Malibu.

Founded by a doctor and a patient, Dr. Lisa Benya and her husband, CURE offers everything from stress-melting massages to the newly popular cryotherapy in a setting that makes guests feel welcome under all circumstances. Outdoors, an expansive deck invites lunch overlooking the Pacific or a shared bottle of wine after treatments. (It is also home to events like yoga and summer concerts.)

“Our goal is to make health and beauty feel very cool,” says Dr. Benya. “It’s beautiful and serene, but very uplifting.”

Below, four of Dr. Benya’s favorite wellness treatments to undergo during the heat of summer:


Many of the services provided at CURE hit the mark between general medicine and wellness, like the cryotherapy machine that is effective in relieving inflammation, arthritis, and muscle strains and pulls, while also providing exceptional skincare benefits. Plus, it provides a great escape from warmer temperatures as the chamber drops to -275 degrees for three minutes.

Although the therapy is new to the wellness industry, it is based on science that has been around for centuries. And at CURE, guests can combine treatments, like using cryotherapy to freeze toxins followed by massage to release them. You can also have a summer party on the deck with friends and family, then all receive cryotherapy treatments and hop into the infrared sauna afterward for a full day of fun and restoration.

Dr. Benya with an IV drip at CURE Spa, Malibu.

IV Drips

Another favorite treatment for summer is an IV drip, which can be customized to treat conditions like muscle soreness and jetlag, but also asthma, depression, and anxiety. Says Dr. Benya, “It summarizes how you can have beauty and medical and alternative and Western all together at the same time.”

After arriving in Malibu, hydrate your body with a Meyers Cocktail IV drip to feel refreshed and prepared for the rest of your stay.

Hair Lasers and PRP Haircare

As Malibu heats up, hair is especially in the spotlight, and CURE wellness professionals are emphasizing the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals, wearing hats, and even using shampoos and conditioners with SPF.

The haircare department at CURE is renowned for its focus on healthy hair and offers an all-natural color line and other safe, nourishing products. (You can even use the color products while pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy.) In addition to beauty-focused treatments, hair lasers and PRP – in which plasma is injected directly into the scalp – are some of the most sought-after medical treatments because they inspire hair growth and health.

“People are always really excited that a hair salon could offer some medical hair rejuvenation services,” says Dr. Benya. “It really makes our salon unique.”

The lounge at CURE wellness spa, Malibu.

Oxygen Facial

In terms of her ideal day at the spa for relaxation, Dr. Benya recommends an Oxygen Facial, a massage with cupping to deeply relax muscles, a scalp massage with invigorating oils, and a blowout. The Oxygen Facial is especially beneficial for tired skin, both plumping and restoring luminosity as it reduces pore size.

No matter how you choose to spend your day at CURE, Dr. Benya says, “Every day you should be able to look your best and feel your best.”