Blending athletic function with street style, athleisure has become a staple in Southern California, where yoga pants are the appropriate attire for both sunrise practices on the sand and champagne brunches at CBC (Carbon Beach Club).

Athletic giants like Nike and Under Armour have released lines like Nike x MMW and UAS in recent years, while California has seen a rush of Indie designers like the bodysuit-only Imbōdhi, super sleek Tully Lou, and Koral with its coveted faux leather and mesh favorites.

In a world where consumers are buying more leggings than skinny jeans, athleisure is at the height of casual style. And when you make a getaway to Malibu Beach Inn, these standout boutiques are just minutes away.



Yoga practitioners on a beach in Malibu, California

Born in Vancouver, lululemon was one of the first athleisure brands around. The company’s vision for healthy living, mindfulness, and living a life of possibility shine through both in their yoga-inspired men’s and women’s clothing and community mindset.

Along with lululemon’s ever-popular yoga pants, you will find running and cycling apparel, swimwear, yoga mats, and more in the Malibu location on Cross Creek Road. For athleisure staples, grab a pair of high-performance tights and a tank to wear as you spend a day exploring Malibu.

Photo: lululemon

Outdoor Voices

Los Angeles

Women jogging in clothing from Outdoor Voices in Santa Monica, California

Outdoor Voices wouldn’t actually categorize themselves as athleisure, but patrons know that their classic silhouettes are too sleek to stay in the gym.

Founded in 2014 by Tyler Haney, the company celebrates every kind of active lifestyle under the belief that moving your body frees your mind. They don’t take fitness too seriously – just check out their Doing Things hats all over Instagram – but their men’s and women’s apparel is undoubtedly made for high-impact lifestyles. You can find your next athleisure look at their storefront on Melrose Avenue.

Photo: Outdoor Voices

Alo Yoga

Santa Monica

Mannequin in yoga pose at Alo Yoga in Santa Monica, California

With a mission of bringing yoga to the world, celebrity-favorite Alo Yoga is the perfect mix between studio and street. From cropped hoodies to slashed yoga pants, comfortable and contemporary styles suit your lifestyle whether you’re attending a transformative yoga session or grabbing coffee with friends.

The company was founded in Los Angeles in 2007 to spread mindful movement, inspire wellness, and create community. During your stay in Malibu today, you can find their men’s and women’s apparel just a short drive away on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Photo: Alo Yoga


West Hollywood

EYSOM model posing

With a clean and accessible style, EYSOM is an elevated men’s activewear brand with all the right qualities of athleisure. The Los Angeles-based company’s name is an acronym for Exercise Your State of Mind, and it was founded to give men the freedom to move at the gym, at home, and everywhere in between. Made entirely in LA, everything is assembled by hand from the cutting of fabric to the stamping of logos.

The timeless designs are only produced in limited batch runs, so when you visit the location on Sunset Boulevard, know that what you see today won’t be around forever.

Photo: EYSOM

Daniel Patrick

Los Angeles

Clothing racks at Daniel Patrick in Los Angeles, California

Based in Downtown Los Angeles, Daniel Patrick is an urban lifestyle brand with roots in sports, featuring designs like rugby-inspired jerseys, running leggings, and velour hoodies. The designer himself was born and raised in Sydney, Australia before relocating to LA. Today, each of his pieces is individually handmade using materials sourced in the city, and luckily for athleisure enthusiasts, he is constantly creating.

Photo: Daniel Patrick

Featured Photo: Alo Yoga