Between the sounds of rhythmic crashing waves, seabirds calling over the Pacific, and the gentle ocean breeze, Malibu has all of the makings of an idyllic meditation setting. As one of the most peaceful locales in Southern California, it’s the perfect destination to slow down, zen out, and calm your mind from the busy demands of modern life.

Download an app to listen to a guided meditation (such as Headspace or Calm) or simply close your eyes and unwind to the town’s natural soundtrack. No matter what method you choose, these five spots are sure to inspire the meditation mindset.

Point Dume

Malibu Beach Inn Meditation Point Dume

Extending into the Pacific, Point Dume is one of the most iconic spots in Malibu thanks to its panoramic ocean vistas — it’s the perfect place to experience a stunning pink-and-gold sunrise to begin a new day. Coincidentally, this is also the best time to seek out a peaceful meditation session on the promontory since you’re less likely to encounter zen-interrupting crowds early in the morning.

With the sands of Zuma Beach to the west and the Santa Monica Mountains at your back, the rocky peak offers views from land to sea. To get there, find the entrance to the short trail at the southern end of Big Dume Beach, toward the back of the bluff.

Little Dume Beach

For a more secluded experience, seek out Little Dume Beach. Accessible during low tide, this pristine crescent of sand isn’t nearly as trafficked as its more well-known counterparts, making it an ideal place for a quiet, solitary meditation session.

Little Dume Beach is North of Paradise Cove or south of Big Dume, and it’s only reachable by foot, so check the tides to find the perfect window of time to get there from one of the aforementioned beaches. Then, settle into the sand to breathe in the salty ocean air during a distraction-free meditation.

Topanga Lookout Trail

Malibu Meditation Topanga Canyon

Photo: Alexandra Meyers via Wikimedia Commons CC / BY 

While Malibu is known for its signature beaches, the nearby Santa Monica Mountains also offer plenty of tranquil opportunities to immerse yourself in the region’s natural splendor. About a 20-minute drive from Malibu Beach Inn, the trailhead leads to a short hike (two miles round-trip) with breathtaking rewards. Close your eyes to meditate to its peaceful, on-top-of the world atmosphere, then open your eyes back up to 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

Not unlike Point Dume, the peak of the Topanga Lookout Trail is quite popular thanks to its scenic landscapes, so arrive early to find true stillness before crowds set in.

Malibu Quietude

While this isn’t a particular spot, per se, Malibu Quietude’s unique meditation workshops and practices offer expert-led serenity for those wanting a more guided experience. Private and group classes are held on the beach in Western Malibu and are “designed to help cultivate awareness, whereas each of us share the experience of being present in the moment with ourselves and everyone and everything else in the Universe,” according to the boutique wellness brand.

Carbon Beach

Malibu Beach Inn Meditation

The shores of Carbon Beach offer a soothing setting to clear your mind and soak in the natural beauty that makes Malibu such a singular destination. And lucky for guests at Malibu Beach Inn, this exclusive stretch of sand is just steps from their ocean-facing accommodations (so an early morning or pre-dinner meditation doesn’t require any more effort than simply walking out onto the beach). Guests of the hotel can also enjoy a guided yoga practice each morning from 8am to 9am, blending a challenging flow with mindful movement.