It’s that magical time of year when every corner seems to sparkle and every person seems to be celebrating. Even more so at Malibu Beach Inn where the in-room fireplaces add to the dreamlike ambiance and CBC’s wool blankets coax guests to cozy up.

To enhance the seasonal revelry, CBC will be hosting a complimentary Cider Hour from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm each evening throughout the month of December, and guests are encouraged to enjoy a fireside cup in the lounge.

CBC will also be providing special prefix holiday menus on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with courses such as crispy heirloom potatoes with bacon lardon and whole grain mustard, wild chinook salmon, and herb & rose stuffed quail.

The entire property is decorated to foster festivity and even the Malibu sky contributes happily with deep streaks of color.