Paddle Boarding & Kayaking

Whether paddle boarding or kayaking, as a Daddy-Daughter duo, or with the entire family, come join us this side of the Pacific for a little sand, sea, and sun. Malibu Surf Shack offers everything from gear to boards, enabling your family to have the perfect day out on the ocean.


If you’re feeling adventurous, we encourage you to grab a surfboard. You’re bound to experience some great bonding with Dad, as well as a dolphin and maybe a whale.

If Dad’s a surfer, but you’re not, surprise him by grabbing a few solo lessons with retired pro, Joel Shultz, so you can join him in his place out on the sea.

Horseback Riding

Let Dad reclaim his rightful place as your original knight-in-shining-armor, atop faithful steed. Only this time, you guys can ride off together to see the sights and chat about all that’s happened since the last time you were Daddy’s Little One.

Beach Day

We’re certain Dad’s a hard worker, which means he might need a day to do absolutely nothing. Whether on Malibu Beach Inn’s exclusive strip of sand or along any of the other prime beaches in town; pack a towel, some reading material, maybe even a sandwich, and let Dad kickback and relax.


The perfect outdoor activity to facilitate great conversation between Kid and Dad, no matter the age. Choose from any of the copious hikes in Malibu, pack a picnic, or come back down to the city to celebrate your physical activity with a couple of beers. 

Mountain Biking

If hiking is too slow, but you still want to explore Malibu’s nature scene, grab your mountain bikes and head out into the wilderness.

Beach Cruisin’

However, if mountain biking is too precarious, and you’d rather see the sights of local Los Angeles, grab any of the bicycles positioned around the city, or stop at Perry’s At The Beach. Once you’re equipped you can choose to cruise the beach path from Santa Monica to Venice, or venture through the city, stopping for refreshments as needed.

Pint Curls

Regardless of the type of adventures you have with Dad, we think every great day should end with some Pint Curls. So head to Carbon Beach Club, order a couple pints of beer, and start those curls, your final activity for the day.