Tip to tip, Malibu is more than 21 miles long, but when it comes to beautiful sights, delicious meals, or memorable activities, not every mile is created equal.

The good news: for Malibu Beach Inn guests, some of the most popular activities in Malibu are within a mile’s radius of their front doors. Want to avoid driving during vacation? Someone staying here can see some of Malibu’s best sights without spending a moment inside a car. Instead, find your comfortable walking shoes and get ready to explore these nearby attractions on foot.

First, just steps from the Inn to the east, Rafi Lounge deems itself as the first “members-only Web3 lounge.”  But whether you know an NFT from the NFL, the Lounge’s class offerings can calm the mind of someone seeking a peaceful break. Yoga, cycling, dance, and deep stretch classes are all on offer here and, like Malibu Beach Inn, it features a beautiful view of the ocean (to stare at while struggling to hold a chair pose).

To the west, though, is where the fun kicks in. Start at the legendary Malibu Pier, a historic landmark that reopened 15 years ago after a renovation. Seen in the background of countless 1960s-era surf movies, the pier today is usually lined with fishermen – visitors can rent a rod and buy some bait at the Ranch at the Pier and join them – and guests can head to the Malibu Farm Café for a delicious meal to end their day.

Activities in Malibu: The Malibu Pier
Malibu Pier

On the far side of the pier, the Adamson House is home to the town’s rich artistic heritage, especially as seen in one particular craft. In 1926, when the original owners of the land now known as Malibu needed money, they created Malibu Potteries, and specialized in creating intricate, artistic ceramic tiles. Malibu Potteries lasted just five years – a fire destroyed the factory in 1931 – but its work is seen throughout Los Angeles. Adamson House, originally owned by the daughter of those Potteries founders, is bejeweled with these tiles, and, in 1983, it was opened to the public as a museum.

From the house, anyone walking towards the ocean will touch the sand at Surfrider Beach, a landmark of a different sort. Given the designation of World Surfing Reserve in 2010, this portion of the Malibu Lagoon State Park is central to surfing lore – it’s been called “probably the most famous surf break in mainland America” by Surfer Today. It’s so well known worldwide that it lent its name to the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit formed to help protect oceans – and it’s hard to argue with the charity when looking out at the boarders riding waves here.

Activities in Malibu: The Malibu Pier framed by foggy mountains
Malibu Pier

It’s much drier a little further down the PCH, where visitors can hit up Malibu’s shopping center on Cross Creek Road. Malibu Village, Malibu Country Mart, and Malibu Lumber Yard (which is a mall, not a selection of wood planks) are close enough to blend, especially thanks to their open-air designs, and feature a cross-section of popular luxury brands like James Perse, John Varvatos, and Fred Segal. But its true gems can be found at smaller boutiques like the locally owned Surfing Cowboys, with a mix of western and surf cultures that could only exist in a community that is split between beach and ranch life.

Activities in Malibu: The Malibu Country Mart
Malibu Country Mart

To capture the entirety of Malibu takes more than you can do on a short walk, of course. But for a weekend away from the responsibility of driving and the annoyance of traffic, Malibu Beach Inn is situated perfectly for a taste of oceanside living.