Healing by nature, the tranquil beaches of Malibu are the perfect setting to deepen your yoga practice while taking in spectacular vistas of the Pacific Ocean.

“It is incredibly relaxing and meditative,” says yoga instructor Jenay Rose, known as Namaste Jenay in Malibu’s ever-growing yoga community. “You’ve got an instantly grounding experience, spending time at one with Mother Earth as you find a connection between your body and breath.”

Jenay leads the small group yoga classes at Malibu Beach Inn each morning on Carbon Beach. With ocean ahead and white sand beneath your bare feet, the 50-minute vinyasa-based classes are paced smoothly to gently open the body with a focus on breath.

The sand provides an added challenge, shifting beneath Jenay and her students as they stretch, but the classes are non-intensive and open to all skill levels. Many guests find themselves returning day after day for the unique experience.

Beach yoga at Malibu Beach Inn.

“As you move,” says Jenay, “you get to enjoy the incredible view and a practically private beach. The beauty is like no other.”

Her favorite poses to practice in the sand are the grounding Child’s Pose, the restful Savasana – while listening to the gentle sound of waves just steps away – and any seated pose that allows her to take in the unparalleled views while strengthening her body.

With each practice, her goal is to provide participants with relief from stress, pain, and tension both in body and mind, as well as to elongate the spine and create space in the body. Finally, she simply wants them to have a wonderful experience in nature as she so often does while leading practices in Southern California.

“Yoga is my lifeline,” says Jenay, noting that her passion has led her to meditation and other facets of healing in turn. “It is much more than a physical practice, although that is a great place to start. Yoga allows me to live pain-free, stay active and healthy, and live a more conscious lifestyle. It allows me to connect with and create necessary space in my body, breath, and mind.”

Beach yoga at Malibu Beach Inn.

She particularly identifies with yoga in Malibu, where wellness is not just an interest but a way of life. Amid healthy cuisine like that of Carbon Beach Club, spa rituals, and endless fitness opportunities, yoga provides an outlet to restore and open the body while connecting with the incredible natural landscape.


Beach yoga takes place every morning from 9 to 10 am in front of Malibu Beach Inn. Space is limited, so guests must confirm reservations with reception by 7 pm the previous evening. Private yoga classes can also be arranged upon request.

To learn more about Namaste Jenay, visit @NamasteJenay on Instagram.

*All photos by Bruce Klumph.