When commercial aviation travel first came about in 1914 it rapidly became an event, complete with required attire and implied status.

Naturally, as the industry progressed, the airlines worked to enhance speed, comfort, and efficiency. As a result, travel became more and more accessible, and the exclusivity decreased. Consequentially, by the end of the fifties, quite a few of the luxury factors had also been removed to better maximize value.

Flight was now more of a necessity than an occasion.

History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes (Mark Twin), which is apparent as, 100 years later, aviation travel is once again infiltrated by lavishness and exclusivity.

The Private Suite is leading the way for the luxury pendulum swing back, ushering it through as they permeate the airport experience with service and comfort.

The Private Suite at LAX beckons the dreary traveler with exclusivity via their sequestered terminal designed for those seeking the highest convenience, security, and privacy. While it typically takes a passenger more than 2,000 footsteps to get from car seat to plane seat, it’s just 70 footsteps for members of The Private Suite; each one serene even through TSA and Customs.

In today’s society, through the advancement of technology, many of the boundaries have been removed – which means that flying isn’t just accessible, it’s required. But The Private Suite has graciously removed the worst parts.

And now if you’re staying with us in Malibu you can book our exclusive The Private Suite x Malibu Beach Inn package, through which you’re certain to have a phenomenal, memorable, and relaxing trip the whole way through.

Package includes inclusive roundtrip LAX experience including airport transportation and airport suite.

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Membership not required. Flight not included.