Dry January has a bad rap. Which is understandable given it’s innate definition: The complete and utter absence of alcohol.

It was initially brought about to be a time of recuperation post-holidays; or rather, as a time to facilitate liver recuperation, post-holidays. But does that mean you have to stay in? Spend more time solo, locked away from friends, family, and humanity.

Seedlip says nay.

And to prove this, the non-alcoholic spirit company partnered with the brightest mixologists in Los Angeles. Together, they were able to turn January into one big party. (Alcohol need not apply)

Malibu Beach Inn was lucky enough to be an epicenter for the revelry this month, starting with a cocktail class and four course lunch on the terrace.

Then, the following Saturday, CBC & Malibu took residence in the Virgin Atlantic lounge, wherein Josh Curtis poured his No Booze Cruise Seedlip cocktail for travelers bound for Europe.

In conclusion, Dry January is a joyous occasion, the perfect afterparty to the wild ruckus that is the holiday season. And if you’re in pursuit of recovery, there’s really no need to lock yourself away from the world. Rather, you can head out to Malibu anytime of day, any time of year, and order one of Josh Curtis’ specialty Seedlip cocktails.

*Photos by Jakob Layman for Seedlip