With the new year comes new inspiration to become a better version of yourself. This year, as ever, the fate of our planet is at the forefront of many minds. It’s only natural to center your New Year’s resolutions around healing the planet for future generations.

The scope of climate change is so vast that it’s difficult to feel like one person can make a difference. However, small changes can and do add up. Our property sits perched along one of America’s most spectacular coastlines, surrounded by the Pacific, the Santa Monica Mountains and everything nature has to offer, so our team at Malibu Beach Inn is committed to practicing those sustainable habits ourselves. Here are four eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions that our guests can prioritize to join in on this movement.

Avoid single-use plastic

Reusable bag
Photo credit: Stasher.

Malibu Beach Inn is proud to be a plastic-free property. Most people who strive to reduce their environmental impact already avoid single-use plastic in obvious ways. However, challenge yourself to re-commit to that promise in 2022. It’s one of the easiest sustainable habits to ensure the cleanliness and health of our beautiful oceans. Beyond carrying a refillable water bottle and reusable shopping bags, commit to reducing plastic use in even more ways.

First, try to get in the habit of carrying a reusable stainless steel, glass or silicone straw. Try out reusable silicone bags from companies such as Stasher. At the grocery store, use bulk bins and containers from home rather than purchasing products in plastic containers. If—no, when—you can’t avoid a single-use plastic product, such as a restaurant takeout container, wash it and reuse it in your home for as long as possible.

Reduce your meat consumption

Malibu Farm and a dish from Carbon Beach Club
Restaurant photo credit: Malibu Farm.

The myriad of health and climate benefits from eating less meat have been outlined in countless articles, but the sentiment is worth repeating here. Cookbooks extolling the virtues of weekday vegetarianism or being Vegan, At Times, have been flying off the shelves this year. Start small by replacing one meat-focused dinner a week with a vegetarian meal. Also, try to commit to avoiding meat or animal products for breakfast and lunch.

Malibu’s visitors will find reducing meat intake is fun and delicious with many vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. Plant-focused Real Coconut Kitchen, Malibu Farm and Malibu Beach Inn’s Carbon Beach Club all offer excellent plant-based menu items for even the most committed of meat-eaters.

Avoid fast fashion

An array of sustainable clothing items

Choosing to avoid inexpensive fast fashion items is a privilege. However, it’s one worth committing to if you have the option. The easiest way to limit your carbon footprint when it comes to shopping is by reducing the amount of clothing you buy. Start the new year by paring down your wardrobe to include only the items you love and cherish. Donate or consign the rest. When you do purchase new clothing, prioritize shopping at small, local businesses whose staff knows where their inventory comes from. Choose items that are manufactured in the U.S., created using recycled or sustainable materials and produced by people who are paid a fair living wage. Visitors to Malibu will find a bevy of local boutiques to support, and a short drive away in Los Angeles is some of the best secondhand shopping in the country.

Pick up trash when you see it

The sustainable habit of picking up litter on the beach

Our location on the shores of the Pacific means we’re incredibly committed to ensuring that Malibu’s beaches remain clean and safe for all visitors from around the world. As you walk along the beach to Malibu Pier, kayak along the coastline or hike on one of our hundreds of local trails, we encourage you to clean up after yourself—and pay it forward by cleaning up after those who came before you as well. The less trash on our mountains and beaches, the better off our ecosystem will be.

Committing to our planet with these sustainable habits will ensure beautiful spots like Malibu will live on in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy.