A Forbes Health survey focusing on New Year’s resolutions showed that 48 percent of people are looking to improve their fitness in 2024, while 36 percent mentioned mental health in their answers. At the intersection of those two intentions lies wellness, the actions we take and habits we create to feel better both physically and mentally.

If you need a place to reset your wellness journey for the new year, Malibu Beach Inn Hotel is the perfect home base. Between its access to “Billionaire’s Beach” and the amenities available at CURE, a weekend away in Malibu has never been so reinvigorating.

After waking up and admiring the beach views from your room, head down to the sand for yoga with CURE. It’s been shown that getting sunlight soon after waking helps regulate our circadian rhythms, helping our bodies know when to wake and when to sleep and making both tasks easier. Also, by exercising first thing in the morning, you get a full day of benefits to your mental health. Class sizes are kept small to allow for more individual attention, and all levels are welcome. Most importantly, there’s nothing like an early-morning shavasana along the coast to enter the day feeling rested and centered.

Just because your first beachside activity is over, however, doesn’t mean you have to leave. Being on the oceanfront is good for your soul, whether it’s the extra Vitamin D from the sun, the known psychological effect of the color blue (like the ocean) on our moods, or just the relaxation inherent in pulling up a beach chair, hearing the surf, and reading a good book. It’s not a coincidence that most of the earth’s “blue zones,” where humans have the longest life spans, are near a body of water. Even better: add a Rocky’s Grilled Chicken Club or a Chicken Farmer Salad from the Carbon Beach Club restaurant beach menu to refuel with something both healthy and tasty.

Step into CURE after lunch for a little pampering. Whether it’s IV therapy loaded with vitamins and minerals, platelet-rich plasma injections to help with skin rejuvenation, or a facial to start the year feeling refreshed, the spa can calm or energize, heal or motivate. CUREs attention to medical, physical, and emotional wellness makes it both a perfect first stop in a new year, and a partner throughout the months for check-ins and maintenance. It’s an especially nice stop for those expecting, with a specialty massage available that reduces anxiety and relieves muscle aches and pains.

Finally, end the day with dinner at Carbon Beach Club Restaurant, the Inn’s home base for food and views. Get a day’s worth of healthy fats from a grilled avocado, some greens from the Farmer’s Salad, and something from the sea (like the head-to-tail Branzino a la Plancha) as the main event. For an alcohol-free option (or sober-curious), there’s a menu of creative non-alcoholic cocktails that go far beyond bitters and soda. And what is wellness without a little indulgence? The chocolate pear tart and the Floating Island (meringue floating on vanilla custard) are certainly good for the spirit. And after a day of pampering your body, recentering yourself, and calming the mind, you’ve earned it.