Not just for hot dogs and pretzels, food trucks are mobile vessels for both casual and gourmet dining of all categories. Food trucks offer an uber-curated selection of exquisite dishes for any type of eater and allow you to enjoy food in a casual setting outside. Luckily, food trucks in Malibu aren’t just tacos (though those are great, too) but range in cuisine style from Italian to Latin fusion and beyond. Read on for the can’t-miss, vegan food truck options you need to try during your next jaunt at Malibu Beach Inn.

Sabor A Malibu

Breakfast burrito

You can’t miss Sabor A Malibu thanks to the truck’s blue camouflage exterior. One of the most popular food trucks in the area, the restaurant on wheels is known for fish tacos, burgers, and breakfast fare. The concept was born when the Woolsey fire left the founder out of a job; he then decided to open a truck and serve LA and Malibu fresh, tasty, and sometimes indulgent, food. We recommend finishing off your savory meal with some cold shaved ice as a nice treat.

Nelly’s Catering

Food truck tacos

This food truck travels up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, and if you’re lucky enough to catch it, be sure to order one of their incredible burritos, carnitas, carne asada, or a Mexican-style breakfast. We hear the birria is out of this world, and both locals and tourists alike rave about the fabulous breakfast.

Rock Chef Rolls


Rock Chef Rolls caters private events, but also has a food truck that appears regularly throughout Malibu. Gourmet fare includes plenty of homemade ingredients and creative pairings, like grilled Australian lamb chops with mint jalapeño jam or seared ahi tuna bites with pickled baby tomatoes. The menu is extremely comprehensive and even serves desserts and has a high-end craft menu that changes seasonally.

Ceviche Puro Limon

Ceviche from food truck

Whether you’re shopping or spending a day on the beach, Ceviche Puro Limon serves fresh Peruvian ceviche that is the ideal lunch while in Malibu. The truck’s menu has many options of dishes with fresh fish with citrus, veggies, and mango that satiate the palate. A must-try if you love ceviche and Peruvian cuisine.

Love Bird

Chicken sandwich

Fried chicken and food trucks go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that one of Malibu’s most popular food trucks, Love Bird, excels in fried chicken sandwiches, but with its own spin. They source their chicken locally and serve burgers and tenders alongside seasoned shoestring fries, slaw, pickles, and sauce. They have a trio of homemade sauces and their own jalapeño slaw that is to die for.