Though you don’t need a reason to sip a craft cocktail or a great glass of wine here at the Malibu Beach Inn Hotel while admiring some of the best views in all of LA, we’ll give you two: spring and summer. With the weather warming up, you’ll definitely want to relax at Carbon Beach Club Restaurant’s open-air waterfront deck over a drink or two. The big question is: What should you order? We talked to Bar Director Josh Curtis to get his top picks for what to sip this season.

For Afternoon Imbibing­­

Aperol Spritz

Curtis is confident his team makes the best Aperol spritz in town. Just ask his customers. The orange-hued cocktail is a flawless blend of three ounces of Prosecco, two ounces of Aperol (an Italian bitter aperitif with rhubarb in it), and one ounce of club soda. “Everybody who comes in says, ‘This is the best Aperol spritz I’ve ever had. How do you do that?” Well, we measure them every single time and make them absolutely perfect. And when you’re measuring exactly versus just splashing stuff in a glass it really makes a difference. We do it the same every time”.

He serves the orange-hued concoction in an ice-packed Bordeaux glass garnished with an orange slice. “It’s really fancy when it comes out. It looks really pretty. It’s great for daytime because it’s light, it is low alcohol volume based and it’s delicious and easy to drink.”

An Aperol Spritz

For a Summer Beach Drink


Curtis says that the French aperitif serves the same purpose as Aperol in the glass but it’s a lot lighter. “Lillet Blanc is really good by itself, but I like it a little more aerated with soda. You can get a Lillet and soda with an orange slice. It’s really tasty, delicious and mellow.”

Curtis also adds a fun Lillet Rouge Spritz to the menu during warm weather months, topped with a clever, colorful house-made granita that’s concocted from Prosecco, soda water, and seasonal fruit juices mixed together, frozen, and then flaked to create a snow cone-like topper.

For Pairing with Fries


The most decadent pairing on the restaurant’s menu is hands-down the Rosé and frites, a featured item on the brunch menu that comes with a two-pound (!) serving of fries and a bottle of Rosé. “You get a giant bowl of truffle fries with truffle oil and parmesan. They’re completely irresistible and even better paired with the rosé,” explains Curtis. But no need to wait until you’re in the mood for fries to order up a glass of the pink stuff. “I’m all about all-day French Rosé. French Rosés have it down and are just superior to others,” he says. “I really like our By Ott and Ultimate Provence. They’re both French Grenache blends and those two are the real go-tos.”

A nice Rose wine

For Drinking Alongside Seafood

“If you’re here to have some fun, you need to get a bottle of Champagne and a seafood tower,” recommends Curtis. Carbon Beach Club’s icy, indulgent tower of gems from the sea comes replete with a one-pound whole Maine lobster, a dozen oysters, six jumbo shrimp, and half a pound of sweet Alaskan crab legs. Though you could always order up the bubbly alongside a simple oyster platter instead as the yeast from the Champagne complements the umami flavor of the mollusks. As for what to choose, Curtis recommends splurging on a luxurious bottle of Krug Brut Grand Cuvee (if you can). Or you can’t go wrong with the classic Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label. “It’s always fantastic” he adds.

For a Great Glass of White


Since Muscadet grapes are typically grown in rocky or volcanic soil in France’s Muscadet region on the Loire Valley’s Atlantic coast, Muscadets are high in minerality, making them another top pick to sip alongside oysters and seafood. The Domaine des Quatre Routes Muscadet on the Carbon Beach Club wine list also has notes of citrus and a punch of acidity. “Muscadet is a great choice. I have a couple of regulars who come and split a bottle every Sunday. People don’t order it as much as they should, but it would be my first choice.”

So, whether you’re looking for a cocktail at brunch, an afternoon aperitif, or a seriously standout wine to pair with dinner, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect drink to complement the perfect day at Malibu Beach Inn. Oh, and if you want something completely different that may not be on the menu, just ask one of the property’s many pro bartenders for guidance and they’ll be happy to whip you up something special this spring and summer. Cheers!