Springtime in Los Angeles is the quintessential excuse for “new beginnings.” Arguably, more so than even New Year’s –  if only because New Year’s Day brings about stagnant weather conditions, while spring correlates with the end of L.A.’s brief winter.

With spring also comes a surplus of fresh produce in the farmers’ markets, Day Light Savings, a handful of New Moons, and a few family-centered holidays.

One of those holidays being Easter, and in honor of the celebration, Executive Chef Cody Dickey designed the perfect spring feast to indulge in.

In addition to Easter, spring is the occasion in which CBC (Carbon Beach Club) will experience the biggest menu change of the year. It’s the time in which Executive Chef Cody Dickey and One Gun Ranch co-conspire to create incredible vegetable-fronted dishes, sure to please any palate.

So Malibu Beach Inn beckons you to come and experience the allure of warm weather, sunny skies, blue seas, and a plethora of produce.